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2017 Updates

SI FAA First Class Medical

61.56 endorsement

Attained a FAA Part 107 remote Small UAS Commercial pilot certificate

Branded with the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) and was Certified as an Instructor to teach the 155 hour accredited Safety Certification Course

Marketing the USI accredited (ERAU) Safety Certification Course to High Schools, Colleges, Technical Schools and Universities in Florida

Produced a RH IFR FITS SBT ACS structured Syllabus for White Rabbit Aviation in Spokane, Wa.

Created a comprehensive FAA approved CRM training program for 135 Helicopter operators.

Continuing efforts with the USHST's Helicopter Safety Enhancement efforts in reducing fatal accidents

Fits SBT Flight Schools

This page is a listing of flight schools that offer the modern FITS SBT Methodology in their flight training programs. Their CFIs are trained and qualified FITS SBT Facilitators.




Colorado Heli-Ops


11855 Airport Way, 

Broomfield, Co. 80021


email: dp@coloradoheliops.com


White Rabbit Aviation