What's New

2017 Updates

FAA First Class Medical

61.56 endorsement

Attained a FAA Part 107 remote Small UAS Commercial pilot certificate

Branded with the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) and was Certified as an Instructor to teach the 155 hour accredited Safety Certification Course

Produced a RH IFR FITS SBT ACS structured Syllabus for White Rabbit Aviation in Spokane, Wa.

Created a comprehensive FAA approved CRM training program for 135 Helicopter operators.

2018 Updates

Completed Re-qual 135 R66 Ground Instructor training for 135 Operator

Conducted recurrent 135 training including newly added CRM training for 135 Operator

Coordinating RH industry career path initiatives for flight schools, tour, utility & HAA operators

Continuing efforts with the USHST's Helicopter Safety Enhancement efforts in reducing fatal accidents

Continuing FAASTeam support and presentations

Held a mentoring session at Colorado Heli-Ops, May 6th for CFIs and career pilot planning

Initiated a SMS and a growing Safety Culture at Black Hills Aerial Adventures and Dakota Rotors companies, May 8 & 9

Witnessed the Aviation Futures pathway participants from Colorado Heli-Ops filling second tier tour pilot slots in South Dakota

Conducted C&E and FITS SBT Facilitator courses at CHO (now 248 Facilitators trained) May 10 & 11

June thru October initiatives included a global search for a Bell 407, pre-buy inspection formulation, purchase, training and re-orientation of a 135 chief pilot, FAA conformity inspection, pilot check flight and night flight emergency training.

2019 Updates

FAASTeam presentations in SW Florida and discussions/input with a FAA FITS SBT research data gathering group.

Moving from Naples, Fl. to Winter Haven, Fl. by April 1st.

September 2019 Conducted annual BH407 Part 135 ground training for Elite Helicopters.

2020 Updates

Consulting for Colorado Heli-Ops part 141 and 135 programs

Renewing FAA CFI RH-SP certificate

About Mike

Mike has been a helicopter pilot/aviator since 1967. His daily efforts include reducing aviation accidents through Pilot & CFI mentoring, training modernization and the development of Safety Cultures and Safety Management Systems. 


  • 1967 -Learned to fly helicopters as a US Army Infantry Officer to become a Rotory Wing Aviator.
  • 1968/69 -Served as Pilot & Flight Operations Officer in 9th Infantry Div, RVN
  • 1969/70 -Primary Helicopter IP, Ft. Wolters, Texas
  • 1969 -FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Helicopter
  • 1970 -Commercial Airplane, Single & Multi Engine Land, IFR & CFI
  • 1971 -Advanced Ground Instructor
  • 1980 -Chief Pilot Dade Helicopters, FAR 135 & 133 operations
  • 1981 -CFI Rotorcraft Helicopter
  • 1981 -Pilot, CFI Miami Helicopters, FAR 135 & 133 ops+ Gov. contract pilot
  • 1982 -First Robinson R22 factory trained CFI in Florida
  • 1983 -Corporate Helicopter pilot through 2009
  • 1995 -Developed Part 135/119 Flight operations for London Helicopters, Naples, Florida to include development of GOM & Training manuals, served as Dir. of Ops., Chief Pilot & Company IP B206, B206L, B407
  • 1983 to 2009 -Mentoring & evaluating helicopter pilots & CFIs
  • 2009 -CFI Sport Airplane Certificate
  • 2010 -FAASTeam Representative, Helicopter & LSA
  • 2010 -Teaching Helicopter "C&E" Education and Safety Seminars
  • 2010 -Initiative to modernize training to FITS SBT Methodology
  • 2010 -FAASTeam Helicopter accident reduction efforts
  • 2010 -Unveiled ADM Safety Umbrella Concept in Las Vegas at Heli Success
  • 2010 -received Rotor & Wing Magazine's Editors Choice Award in the Training Category
  • 2011 -Instructed at HAI, FIRC, Orlando, Fl.
  • 2011 -trained 37 FITS SBT Facilitators
  • 2011 -joined SAFE Mentoring Program as a Helicopter Mentor
  • 2011 -contributed ADM Safety Umbrella concept to SAFE Resources Library
  • 2012 -appointed to IHST/USHST, JHSIT training work group
  • 2012 -joined the Professional Helicopter Pilot Association (PHPA)
  • 2012 -trained 25 FITS SBT Facilitators (total of 62 in U.S.)
  • 2012 -FAASTeam accident reduction efforts 
  • 2013 -Joined the USHST SMS & Safety Committee
  • 2013 -FAASTeam accident reduction efforts
  • 2013 -July, "Wings" co-presenter at the Colorado Airspace Safety Council
  • 2013 -July, "Wings" co-presenter at Air Methods Corporation
  • 2013 -July, trained 7 FITS SBT Facilitators 
  • 2013 -August, USHST accident reduction efforts at Flight Safety
  • 2013 -September, trained 37 FITS SBT Facilitators 
  • 2013 -November, trained 4 FITS SBT Facilitators (total of 110 in U.S.)
  • 2013 -November, "Wings" co-presenter at 6th annual Heli Success
  • 2014 -January, C&E course in Naples for RH-CFIIs
  • 2014 -February, trained 17 FITS SBT Facilitators in Oregon (total of 127 in U.S.)
  • 2014 -February, established a Train the Trainers course to expand the FITS SBT Methodology progression in training of Airplane & Helicopter pilots. One DPE and 5 CFIs are now moving the Methodology forward.
  • 2014 -April, trained 51 FITS SBT Facilitators in Utah (total of 178 in U.S.)
  • 2014 -June, trained 5 FITS SBT Facilitators in Colorado (total of 183 in U.S.)
  • 2014 -July, developed the Flight Risk Assessment/Mitigation Tool concept (FRAMT)
  • 2015 -April, trained 37 FITS SBT Facilitators in Oregon (total of 220 in U.S.)
  • 2015 -April, accomplished recurrent and upgrade FITS Facilitator training of 36 F/Is in Oregon.
  • 2015 -August, trained 10 Facilitators at the Robinson Helicopter Company. These included one Regulator from CAA NZ, two FAA ASIs (one of which was the original head of FAA FITS), one FAA DPE, one EASA Examiner, one Insurance underwriter and four other industry professional. This was not my normal CFI audience. (total of 230 trained Facilitators now)
  • 2015 -August, trained 7 new FITS SBT Facilitators at Colorado Heli-Ops and two for re-current training. (total of 237 trained Facilitators to date)
  • Attended the semi annual USHST face to face two day meetings in Colorado to migrate to USHST 2.0.
  • 2016 -August, trained 8 new FITS SBT Facilitators at Colorado Heli-Ops.
  • Attained the FAA Part 107 remote Small UAS Commercial pilot certificate.
  • 2017 -Branded with the Unmanned Safety Institute (an Argus company) to market the accredited Safety Certification Course.
  • 2017 -Attained the USI Instructor Certification to teach the 155 hour Safety Certification Course accredited by ERAU.
  • 2017 -Created a RH IFR FITS SBT ACS structured syllabus and a comprehensive RH Part 135 CRM training program for helicopter operators.
  • 2017 -ongoing consulting for helicopter flight schools and Part 135 operators.
  • 2018 Completed a Part 135 Ground Instructor Re-Qualification for the R66
  • 2018 Trained the local 135 Chief Pilot in CRM and recurrent training for the R66
  • 2018 FAASTeam presentation for the Naples Pilot Assoc.and ongoing FAASTeam initiatives for SO-19

Please see Mike's Page for text on the mission statement and reason for his efforts in aviation and accident reduction.